Appliance Repair in Jersey City NJ
Appliance Repair

Appliance Repair in Jersey City NJ

Handy Ant provides home improvement services in Jersey City and its neighboring communities. Its team assembles ready-made furniture, mounts TV, and replaces faucets. It also helps with interior painting and other remodeling projects. Its technicians are trained to handle any type of repair job. They have a wide range of experience and are well-versed in today’s top plumbing and HVAC technologies.

Big Apple Handyman

Located in Jersey City, Big Apple Handyman provides services in the area and surrounding areas. Its team helps clients tick off items from their property improvement to-do lists by assembling furniture and Appliance Repair in Jersey City NJ, fixing light fixtures, unclogging toilets, and painting rooms. It also installs door and window frames, floors, drywall, and shelving. It can even build gazebos and sheds.

Cristian NYC Handyman specializes in home repair and maintenance solutions for residential properties. Its team handles furniture assembly, drywall repairs, and installation of light fixtures and outlets. The company also helps homeowners assemble their new purchases from online retailers such as Wayfair, Amazon, and IKEA. It can also help with renovations for bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. It offers services 24 hours a day. Its rates are affordable.

Cristian NYC Handyman

Cristian NYC Handyman serves clients in the Jersey City metro area. Its crew provides furniture assembly, mirror hanging, and TV mounting services. It also installs bathroom towel holders, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. Its other services include electrical work and plumbing repairs. The company also performs remodeling and interior painting projects.

JS Handyman assists homeowners and business owners with home improvement projects in the Jersey City metro area. Its technicians perform a variety of repair and maintenance tasks, including furniture assembly, floor and wall installation, drywall repairs, and painting. They also unclog toilets and sinks and fix leaky faucets. The company offers electrical work, such as thermostat replacement and light fixture and outlet installation.

Founded in 2011, Quick Sidekick New Jersey is a home repair and maintenance contractor that serves residents in the New York area. Its team assembles IKEA furniture, hangs pictures and mirrors, and repairs broken doors and locks. The company also repairs drywall and floors, builds shelves, and installs window air conditioners.

Easy All Repair

New Jersey’s distinctive homes require local expertise in the latest plumbing and HVAC technologies. Whether you live in the city’s bustling row houses or the suburban properties that sprawl out into the west, these professionals can meet your needs with precision and care. Easy All Repair is a company that has been serving Jersey City for over 13 years. It assembles ready-made furniture, mounts TVs, and replaces faucets. It also does small repairs and drywall installation.

Riverside Handyman Services

A local handyman company, Riverside Handyman Services provides home improvement solutions to clients in Jersey City and its surrounding areas. Its staff can assemble ready-made furniture, mount TV, and repair ceiling fans. It also can handle painting projects and kitchen and bathroom renovations. Moreover, it can fix plumbing issues and unclog drains. The firm can also install new doors and drywall.

The neighborhood of Exchange Place is primarily a commercial area, making it a good choice for people who want to work in the financial sector. Located near the historic Pauls Hook district, this neighborhood is easily accessible via The Path train and ferries to downtown Manhattan. Its proximity to the Hudson River also makes it a great location for walking and biking.

The local Handy Ant is a home-improvement company serving clients in Jersey City and its neighboring communities. The team of skilled craftsmen can build sheds and gazebos, as well as install Appliance Repair in Jersey City NJ and light fixtures. It can also help with yardwork, such as mowing and trimming bushes. In addition, the company can assemble furniture from various retailers, including Wayfair and Amazon. It also can install televisions and hang artworks or pictures. Its handymen can also assist in repairing outdoor shutters and mailboxes.

SNT Handyman Brooklyn

Located in Brooklyn, New York, SNT Handyman Brooklyn provides general maintenance solutions to clients in Jersey City and its surrounding areas. Its services include furniture shopping and assembly, painting, drywall repair, light plumbing, and electrical work. It also performs cleaning and unclogging tasks for kitchen and bathroom sinks, shower tubs, and toilets. Its carpentry work includes the installation of doors, custom shelving, flooring, and roofing. It also assists in the installation of light fixtures and outlets. Its owner, Cristian NYC Handyman, has been in business for five years. He specializes in providing repair expertise to families moving into or out of their homes.